Jamie Charest

Jamie Charest first stepped foot on a comedy stage in 1999. After spending many years as a variety entertainer and street performer he is currently funnier than ever, performing stand up comedy on a regular basis at comedy clubs, theatres and private functions all throughout Western Canada.

Check out Jamie's Website - www.jamiecharest.com


Mitchell Atkinson

Not only is he the best dressed comedian in the local comedy scene, but he might be one of the funniest. A laid back approach combined with incredible timing and a whole lot of personality make Mitchell a true favourite at open mic and pro-am comedy shows in Kelowna.  Mitchell has quickly climbed to the top of the amateur comedy scene and recently did a guest spot at the Train Wreck Comedy All-Stars show at Lake City Casino. The sky's the limit for this young comedian.

Scott Hilder

Scott Hilder started his journey into comedy at an early age however did not hit the live stage until 2009. Since then he has been honing his relaxed, inquisitive and quirky style in open mic rooms across Alberta and BC. Scott has shared the stage with some great local and national talent including Darryl Lenox. When asked to describe comedy in one word his response was unflinchingly… comedy. He was right. Scott boasts a musical credit on his social resume that he can play 3 Blind Mice on 7 different instruments! Scott is a true professional who takes great pride in his work! Scott's innate ability to bring laughter to strangers is his greatest attribute.

Check out Scott's Webiste - thecomedicexperience.com


Devon Le Claire

Devon very recently made his debut on the stage when he realized he couldn't afford to go to therapy, and ever since it has been an endless barrage of hatred with punchlines. Devon's lackluster and somewhat cynical perspective is counter-balanced by his charismatic stage presence. Two things are a guarantee any time Devon is performing: that he will present a plethora of well-versed vulgarities, and that he will be drunker than his audience.


Robert Franks

Robert started his life in Ontario and decided to try a career as a ski bum out west, but was side tracked like a rock-star. He has been pretty good at lurking around Canada leaving some sort of mark in each province even performing in the odd play or film. Stand-up comedy was an old passion that was re-ignited after finding Train Wreck Comedy. Now, very grateful for an epic journey that has led him here, he hopes it will continue with more good fun. Laughter is his medicine but sometimes he considers it a drug.


Chris Yorke

Born 11/23/84 in Nova Scotia, yet claiming B.C. as his home for over a decade, Chris brings an eastern breeze and mixes it up with a western heat and storms the stage. His first time on stage was at the age of 26 and having the privilege to not only work with but also attain information and advice from some of the top professional comics in the area like Rob Balsdon, Herb Dixon, and Tim Nutt, Chris was quickly able to develop his own writing style and combines it with his natural stage presence for a laugh on your ass kinda show!  Although he has performed several professional shows he does not consider himself a professional comedian just yet.  Chris believes his self-centered, energetic, super stylish stage presence can't be taught, but it can be perfected and the Kelowna comedy scene is definitely a huge advantage for him to have.


Stuart Jones

Stuart Jones began his comedic journey many moons ago and has been working to develop his craft since. Spending countless hours pondering themes, writing original jokes, and studying favorite comedians, he ensures only the finest fart jokes will tickle the ears of his audience. Showcasing a style that has been described as "crudely absurdist" and "the slacker Seinfeld", Stuart brings a unique worldview to the Kelowna comedy scene. Stu's great motivation in life is to be an amusing every-man, or, as he puts it, "a funny dude who isn't an asshole." He's halfway there; most everyone thinks he is funny.


Reid Hanson-Street

Reid Hanson-Street is relatively new to the comedy scene, but loves every minute of it. Considered the “funny guy” in his group of friends, Reid has wanted to try stand up ever since he was a kid. Although sometimes taunted by people like Caleb Campbell for his young age, Reid is having an amazing time telling jokes and hasn’t been able to stop since he got his first laugh on stage, plus Caleb Campbell is a dick.