Garrett Clark

Starting his comedy career at the soft and supple age of 17, Garrett Clark has had the opportunity to dabble in a few of its many different forms.
Although born in Canada, Garrett was raised in Australia from a very early age. He first set foot on stage at downtown Toronto's Yuk Yuk's amateur night, and it soon became clear that the world of stand-up is where he fit best. Ever since, he has been taking his comedy across the nation and performing for crowds big and small, and as far away as Honolulu, Hawaii.
His powerful delivery of sidesplitting comedy captivates audiences of all kinds, and will leave you wanting more.

Lori Ferguson-Ford

Lori has been a professional stand-up comic for over 2o years. She began her love for comedy in 1988. A bit of a fairytale beginning…while working as a waitress, one of her regulars offered to sponsor her dream of stand- up comedy as a career. Soon after Lori was voted B.C.’s Funniest New Comic and four years later B.C.’s Funniest Woman. Lori has toured all over Canada and the United States, she has graced the stages of Yuk Yuk’s, The Improv, The Laugh Factory and the Comedy Store…just to mention a few. Lori’s has also made television appearances on CTV,CBC,WTN and The Comedy Network, as well as CBC radio’s Madly Off In All Directions.


Scott Dumas

After graduating from Carleton University in Ottawa with a degree in Psychology, Scott took the next logical step that anyone with such a prestigious certificate would do, he pursued a career in life insurance sales. It took 7 years before he put two-and-two together and realized that people are screwed up... because of money. He quit his job and moved to Calgary to pursue something else. He had no idea it would be stand-up comedy.Scott's fearless attitude and versatility, as well as his comfortable presence in front of a camera, landed him a job as the co-host of M-Style, which can be seen on Men T.V., on the digital network. Global raved about the show and renewed it for year two. Digital baby, Digital.  His overwhelming urge to travel has taken him to six different countries in just three years. Whether it's Watrous, Saskatchewan or Luangphabang, Laos, Scott will dazzle you with wacky stories about life on the road.


Tim Nutt

Tim started doing stand-up comedy in Vancouver in May of 1993,  after Moving to Toronto, in 1995,   Tim worked full time as a professional Comedian.  He now makes his home in Kelowna BC.  Tim is one of the most recognizable names in Canadian comedy and has appeared at Just For Laughs, The Halifax Comedy Festival and much more.  Tim has been a huge supporter of the Kelowna comedy scene over the past couple years running the Sunday night room and workshop for almost two years.



Daryl Makk

Having a father that worked for a company that kept moving the family around, created a nomadic childhood for Daryl. In 12 years of public school he was bounced around to 8 different educational institutions. This forced him to learn to react quickly to new environments...perfect training for a stand-up comic in the making.

Daryl managed to maintain an "A" student status which, combined with being a skinny youth, he found that being a class clown kept the bullies from beating  up the new kid. This ability was a gift that seemed to come natural for him so it only seemed fitting he would end up in the world of stand-up comedy.

Fast-forward many years and Daryl Makk is re-educating the sheeple of the joke at a time and has (professionally) since 1993! He has also grown to a 6 foot 3 inch comedian that doesn't hold back. No one bullies Daddy Makk anymore and his humor is his weapon which he delivers with precision yet in a very likeable manor!!

Makk understands that comedy can educate and inform and bases his act on truth, reality and things he has experienced. He is constantly booked for corporate and fund raising events when not in the comedy clubs. With an easy-going style he awakens those nagging thoughts we all have about how screwed up the world around us really is. Think of him as dad trying to save you from making a painful life's lesson mistake.

in 2005 his one-hour "Comedy Now" special was chosen to kick off season 8 of this award winning show. It aired on CTV and is in reruns on The Comedy Network. You should see this very comical field trip of truth and reality: The Makk Attakk!!


Donovan Deschner

Hilarious, insightful, provocative, and intelligent – these are just some of the words comedian, Donovan Deschner, uses in his shows. His most recent projects have included creating a one-man show, “Egolution”, releasing a comedy EP, “I’ll Regret This”, and producing a documentary on stand-up comedy, “The Inside Joke” – all of which received rave reviews from his peers and audience members. It is this breadth of experience which makes Donovan the consummate entertainer and a comedian worth watching.



Brett Martin

With a reckless style that is blazing its own path, Brett Martin’s Comedy is a refreshing take on Stand up. Martin’s Comedy is straight from the heart and mind of a man who fits seamlessly on the outer limits of life. With an almost confessional style and jokes that can come dangerously close to the edge, Brett Martin’s Comedy leaves you laughing and thinking at the same time.His resume includes regular play on XM Satellite Radio XM’s ‘Laff Attack’ and ‘The Comedy Store’ in London, England, Martin has also featured in countless Comedy Clubs, Colleges and Festivals. Having taken almost two years off of touring to experiment with such things as real employment and home making, he’s thrilled to return to Comedy and share his new, unique and happier perspective with audiences.Blessed with a spirit akin to Hunter S. Thompson, the sex appeal of Neil Young and a mind gone wild, Brett Martin’s name will be a fixture on the Stand up Comedy scene for now and the future.


Simon King

His unmistakable mind blowing style, powerful commanding stage presence and lightning wit will win you over but the sheer hilarity and spontaneity of his performance will keep you coming back for more. From the simple to the surreal, from topical to absurd there's no doubt that Simon King is truly exceptional and like nothing else in the comedy world.



Rory Scovel

Mixing his spontaneous creativity and absurd view of the world, Rory Scovel is quickly making a name for himself across North America. Whether discussing drugs, politics, or life in general his infectious stage presence and engaging charisma will quickly shift the vibe of any room and place the audience in the scene of every punchline.

Rory Scovel has opened theater shows for such comics as Louis C.K., Daniel Tosh and Nick Swardson.

He has also appeared in the following festivals for Stand-Up or with his D.C. Improv troupe, Dr. Fantastic…

Vancouver Comedy Festival, Seattle Comedy Competition, San Francisco Comedy Competition, DC Comedy Festival, Del Close Improv Marathon, Bumbershoot Comedy, Arts, and Music Festival, Sasquatch Music Festival, Chicago Improv Festival, Philadelphia Improv Festival.


Chris Gordon

Chris' Has a Personal Saga. True

Chris grew up in the mean white suburban streets of an upper-middle class neighborhood. True

Chris is now a single mother. True

Chris Gordon can play the spoons. False

Chris Gordon can(‘t) time travel. True

Chris has appeared on BET’s “Everybody Loves Damon…Wayans!” True

Chris has appeared in: Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal; Last Comic Standing; CBC, XM, Sirius Sattelite Radio; Coors Light Commercial; and his own TV Show “Man On A Mission.” Stop it.

If Tony Danza would finally accept an invitation to one of Chris' shows, I'm sure he would approve and say, "Chris Gordon is one of the funniest characters since I played Anthony Morton 'Tony' Micelli on Who's the Boss...I'm Hilarious." True


Paul Myrehaug

Now living in Vancouver British Columbia, Paul Myrehaug lures in his audience with charismatic charm, turns around, and makes them laugh at things they shouldn’t.  Fast wit at a slow pace leaves crowds in hysterics and begging for more.  Paul tours Internationally and has performed for hundreds of thousands of people live, and millions of people on Television.


Toby Hargrave

Toby has performed at such notable festivals as the Vancouver Comedy Festival, Whistler Comedy Festival, Atomic Comedy Festival in Washington State and The Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. He was voted the ‘Funniest Comedian in Vancouver’ at the 2005 Vancouver Comedy Festival, and has appeared at such notable comedy clubs across North America as Yuk Yuks, The Laugh Shop and the Comedy Mix.


Damonde Tschritter

Damonde’s credits include CTV’s Comedy Now, three appearances on CBC’s Madly Off In All Directions, Just For Laughs, Chicago Comedy Festival, New York Comedy Festival, HBO’s USA vs. Canada stand-up weekend and winner of the 2006 Seattle International Comedy Competition.   An absolutely unique act and perhaps this countries finest comedic storyteller.



Mike Dambra

If you're a comedy fan and you haven't seen Mike Dambra you're in for a treat. Involved in the comedy scene since 1986, Mike has become a comedy staple and a club favorite. In 1987 and 1997 he claimed the "Funniest Person In Rochester" title. Armed with the ability to adapt to any audience, Mike has the willingness to offer up brutal truths and unforgiving views. Mike has toured with such acts as Rosie O'Donnell and Adam Sandler, Michael Bolton and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and his own headlining show earns rave reviews across North America.




Dave Merheje

Born in Windsor, Ontario, Dave Merheje found a love for comedy at a young age and started performing in Detroit. Now living in Toronto, Dave’s comedy style has been described as aggressive in-your-face funny. Dave has gained a following with his “no fear” approach on stage, with enthralling story telling, and has even produced his own series of comedy shows called the “We Ain’t Terrorists Comedy Tour”. He’s also performed all over Canada and the US; including all the top clubs in New York and LA. Dave shares his unique vision and life experiences from the stage, with an improvisational, high energy style. He possesses uncanny ability to take you on a wild comedic journey that leaves you bursting with laughter, which is what has gained him such a loyal following. He gives you an arithmetic interpretation of urbanized life delivering one of the most original acts emerging in Canada.


Dino Archie

Dino Archie started in the Los Angeles comedy scene but his style developed in the living room. Growing up as the youngest boy of 8 he had to get thick skin and a quick delivery. Every Sunday morning he’d watch his grandfather entertain an audience as a preacher but at night he was watching Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor with his brothers. He makes a comedy show feel like living room, and this style has made him one of the freshest internationally touring comics around. His likability allows him to get away with murder on stage, and he takes full advantage of it. You can’t help but enjoy watching someone have so much fun.