Train Wreck Comedy
Crashing on November 29th - 8:30pm
Tickets available at The Copper Mug
Call - (250) 493-2842


Toby Muresianu

While still in college, Toby Muresianu became the #1-rated rock radio DJ in Rhode Island, which in 2012 was incorrectly ranked the most important state in the union.  Toby has performed at top clubs across America and opened for well-known acts including Doug Stanhope, Steve Hofstetter, and Tig Notaro.
He also began touring internationally, performing regularly in the UK and in 17 countries from South Africa to Israel to New Zealand and appeared at the Hong Kong Comedy Festival, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, the Boston Comedy Festival, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and many others. His comedy has been called “Marvelous” by Greg Proops, while Kristen Schaal said “I loved everything about the performance – it was right up my alley”.
As a writer, he has contributed to Real Time with Bill Maher, Yahoo!’s Primetime in No Time, MSN Local, National Lampoon Radio, and for top-grossing US comedians. He’s currently a staff writer on the three time Del Close Award-winning show Top Story Weekly at Improv Olympic in Los Angeles and a contributor to NewsRevue, the world’s longest-running live comedy show, in London.

Tommy Savitt

Multi-award winning comedian,Tommy Savitt, has won the prestigious 2007 Boston Comedy Festival, 2008 Seattle Comedy Competition, and was honored for the "Best In Comedy" category at the 2009, and 2012 LA Comedy Awards. Tommy has been seen on WGN's "The Bob & Tom Show," SI Tv's "Funny is Funny," Comcast On Demand's "Man up, Stand-Up" on and on JLTV's "James and Sunda." Tommy's comedy CD "Who Wants Me Now!" is one of the top requested on satellite radio.

Tommy has dedicated this past decade to performing for our troops here and abroad. Tommy's journey to bring laughter to those that sacrifice for our country has taken him to air force, army, and naval bases in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, Japan, South Korea, Bahrain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Curacao, Honduras, and Ecuador. Tommy has done it all - even performing at the United States Embassy in Belarus. Performance artist, comedian, and actor Tommy Savitt was born in New Jersey and bred in Brooklyn.

Tommy performs an exhilarating brand of eclectic comedy rarely seen today. Tommy's unorthodox comedy routine envelops his audience and teleports them into a domain of hilarity and pure craftsmanship.

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