David and Ken: Comedy with Music!

January 14, 2022 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Creekside Theatre - Lake Country

A playful-absurdist-adventure

“David and Ken’s Comedy with Music!” is an audience fuelled conversational comedy show with real stories, character-driven improv scenes and hilarious, spontaneous songs with world-class guitar playing. It’s a playful-absurdist-adventure from legendary Vancouver comedians David Milchard and Ken Lawson that will leave you feeling joyful and connected.

Who are David Milchard and Ken lawson? After years of performing improvisational comedy at festivals, Vancouver TheatreSports, The Second City, and the international sensation the Comic Strippers, these two comics have strapped on their guitars and combined two of their greatest loves: Music and Improv Comedy. If you feel like you’ve seen these two before, you certainly have because they’ve been cast in hundreds of movies and television shows over the years including productions by Netflix, ABC, Amazon, NBC, CW, Disney, and Youtube sensation Convos with my 2yr  old.