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What is Train Wreck Comedy?

All aboard the laughter express! For over thirteen hilarious years, Train Wreck Comedy has been rolling down the tracks as the Okanagan Valley’s ultimate destination for side-splitting stand-up shows. With a lineup of big-name comedians that’ll have you laughing so hard, you’ll need a comedy conductor to keep you on track!

Picture this: Steve-O from Jackass fame, Michael Winslow from Police Academy, Jon Dore, Tim Nutt, Dave Merheje, John Wing, James Mullinger, and countless other comedic locomotives have graced our stage. 

At Train Wreck Comedy, we’re all about delivering top-tier comedic experiences. Our goal is to keep chugging along as the comedy company you can trust, where the funniest headlining comedians of today gather to leave audiences in stitches. We’re here to ensure that the Okanagan Valley stays on the comedy map, destination: hilarity!

We’re like a comedy crasher, making appearances at corporate events, fundraisers, and holiday parties. Need a dose of laughter to make your next big event unforgettable? We’ve got you covered! Our team of comedic experts will work with you to find the perfect comedian(s) that’ll have your guests laughing ’til their sides ache.

So, whether you’re a comedy connoisseur or just a passenger looking for a good time, hop aboard the Train Wreck Comedy train and prepare for a laugh-filled journey like no other. We promise you’ll arrive at your destination with a smile on your face and aching abs from laughter-induced workouts.

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