Our off the rails story

About Us

Hey Okanagan Valley comedy crew! I’m Rob Balsdon, your humble conductor at Train Wreck Comedy. Thanks a bunch for riding this hilarious rollercoaster with me and my fellow comedians from across North America!

our history

In 2010, we kicked off with more comedians than audience members – it was like telling jokes in a room of crickets. Fast forward to today, and we’re a full-blown comedy spectacle, featuring the hottest comedians in the biz. It’s been a wild ride!

Quick backstory: When Yuk Yuks On Tour shut down in Kelowna, I needed a spot to fine-tune my jokes. After opening for legends like Norm MacDonald and gearing up for Gerry Dee and Brent Butt, Train Wreck Comedy was born. It started as my comedy playground, and locals joined the fun. 

Now we’re a massive, fun, and successful comedy machine lighting up stages across the Okanagan Valley. From theaters to pubs, clubs, and even private events, we’re bringing you the best comedians in the game—all thanks to our awesome local comedy community. Here’s the scoop: I need your help to keep this comedy train rolling. Join our TWC-VIP crew and let’s make Train Wreck Comedy the top comedy company in Canada! Together, we’ll keep growing, laughing, and creating unforgettable comedic chaos.

our mission

We strive to be one of Western Canada’s premier comedy promotions, cherished by audiences and comedians alike. Our unwavering dedication to professionalism shines through every step of the way, ensuring exceptional experiences from start to finish. With a commitment to top-tier production quality and talent, we deliver shows that leave a lasting impact.

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